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Tasty Planet Forever Game Online Free

It is impossible to ignore this cute cat. The goal Tasty Planet is to devour as much as possible while avoiding danger and passing through various levels. You can play it on your PC or phone and people love it for its simple gameplay and fancy graphics in Tasty Planet. In addition, there is a small story part that you open by passing the next level. You start small, and as you eat the little things around you, you grow to a huge size.

A small kitten runs and picks up / eats objects, first larger, then larger. The moral attitude breaks down when the cat grows in size and begins to devour not only cockroaches, croissants, mice, but also … people, tables, chairs, trees, cars, houses. This is the start of your feline overeating.

It seems that the main character Tasty Planet collects garbage and cleans up the space. At the same time, for some reason, there is no pity for those who are eaten. Probably, because while the kitten is small, when it comes into contact with people, it meows plaintively, as if it had been kicked. By the way, and the top view of what is happening contributes to the perception of the game as realistic. And a few words about the background music. This tune is simply mesmerizing. Hacks with which you can increase the score or money, or score more.

Cat plot or where-to-go cat

All the action of the Tasty Planet game takes place in France in Paris. You can play as different characters, including a cat, an octopus, a bee, a shark, a penguin, and many more. The bottom line is to run around the city and eat everything that comes in your way: cars, trees, buildings, houses. Your task is to become as big as possible. Besides Paris, there are seven other worlds. Such as Caribbean Sea, Savannah, Pacific Ocean, Mars and many other amazing places. If you have a tablet, then you can play together, the screen will be divided into two parts. You can have fun.

In this game, you will feel like a greedy glutton who wants to eat everything around and take over the world. Users love it when the gameplay has a lot of all sorts of levels and at the same time it is interesting and not boring. And Tasty Planet is one of them. It is also quite interesting to study and almost impossible to break away. Fans of this genre should go on this adventure, you will definitely not regret it.

Cats love to eat a lot

The Tasty Planet is really addictive, it’s interesting to eat small different elements, then more and more, until you can eat everything on the screen. It is very easy to understand it, you do not need to do any abstruse actions. The longer you do not eat, the indicator decreases at the top. That is, you need to quickly eat everything without unnecessary movements, namely chasing food.

One of the outstanding features is the bright and colorful graphics. It creates a whimsical and creative world for the player to explore. The design style is cartoonish, with a simple and clean appearance that makes it easy to see what’s happening on the screen. The background and environment are also well-crafted, with detailed and visually appealing textures that help bring the world to life.