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Tasty Planet: Back for Seconds

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The game itself is very relaxing and the music is calm. Small system requirements and size as it is a mini app. You can play almost anywhere. Suitable for both children and adults. Very colorful with tons of levels and locations. The main character is a gray slime that rushes around in search of food. Mouse control only. Meaning – everything that is less than your character – he eats and grows. Anything more can not be eaten, but you can when it grows up. The plot – you walk in this gray pile and eat everything that is smaller than you and grow.

Slime eating details

Tasty Planet has become a real hit among games of this genre. Each new application shines with its cool character. This time the gray slime comes into play. He really wants to have a bite to eat various sweets. He wanders around your screen in search of the necessary elements for his growth. And for this, absolutely everything that can fit into his mouth is suitable. He is quite cute and moves very cool.

You can only watch for a long time how he moves around his universe. He very skillfully sends piece after piece from a nearby building into his mouth. This makes it funny and interesting at the same time. How much can he cram into himself in order to reach an unprecedented size?

Along with the many pluses of this application, it is worth highlighting the accessibility. Tasty Planet does not bind to itself in time. You can stop your journey and absolutely at any time. The application does not require additional efforts in learning, as everything is intuitive here. Move your hero in such a way that he gets to his food as soon as possible. Food here can be absolutely anything around you. Choose what he tastes first. Keep track of your character’s growth level and play until it takes up the entire screen.

As soon as houses and bigger objects start to fit into it, your slime will grow to unrealistic sizes. This is very exciting, because this can be achieved very quickly. You do not need to spend hours in order to grow your hero. It takes 10 minutes for a large and funny character to look at you from a small pile from the screen. You will be surprised at how easy and relaxed you can spend time with your gadget. In addition, it helps to relax well and not think about anything.