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A rather unusual name for an application, but still it does not repel the desire to play it. You have already guessed who you will have to play for, of course, for the worm. Your task is extremely simple, you must climb out of the bowels of the earth and devour everything that you see on your way.

The more you eat, the more bonuses you get. Well, the more points to improve your performance. Death Worm is certainly very interesting, but sometimes quite difficult. The most difficult thing is to shoot down a UFO. Yes, and UFOs fly quite often. Still, the idea is quite interesting, albeit terribly simple.

The graphics are bright, simple but juicy, the way it should be in the idea of this genre. Management is also simple, we just need to guide the huge worm so that it absorbs everyone and everything in its path! In this world, there are various bonuses, such as acceleration and so on. Also, the worm will get bigger and bigger as you progress, and you will get the excitement of its growth. Audio accompaniment is suitable, it is quite simple but dynamic.