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If you miss green slime that will drag you into unforgettable adventures, then you have come to the right place. You have to take care of the escape of strange slugs. They decided to escape from the laboratory in which experiments are being carried out on them. But the worst awaits them along the way. On their way there will be various obstacles that you will have to help them overcome. Slime Labs has a cool rich color scheme.

The neon colors of these whimsical creatures are attracting more and more users. Your emotional state will be heated to the limit, as you need to constantly monitor the environment. You will move in pitch darkness so as not to be noticed. And out of that darkness your biggest fears will pop up.

Do not stop at any obstacles to achieve your escape. This is the only way you can save these bizarre creatures. Around you, adventures are teeming, in which you will certainly want to be drawn into.