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A superhero cat who learned to get out of the water dry. He loves to blow everything up in the most sophisticated ways. To do this, he has a wide variety of dynamites and explosives of various calibers. He was too angry because he was in the mine. And now he has to find his way out. In order to break through the wall, it is not enough just to blow up. You have to think through whole plans to go the whole way to make it as cool as possible.

Your cat doesn’t really look like an underground dweller. He wants to get to the surface as soon as possible. Choose the best place to install your dynamite. Pick it up according to the quality of the wall. Sometimes conventional explosives are not enough for a wide wall.

Therefore, you will have to find new alternative ways of destroying everything around you. Incredible graphics attract users to this game. In addition to excellent physics, this creates a combination that can surprise even the most demanding users.