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Huge casual world of eating delicious treats. Your adventures are now even wider than they were before. Now you are going to explore the world with your slime. Move to different areas to eat as many items and people as possible. Your slime is obviously not happy that he now has to run for a long time to his dinner. That is why you have a catapult beloved by all users. This is the only way you can get to the right place.

Play as if your own life depended on your overeating. The more tables and other nonsense your character devours, the more volumes he will achieve in the map. The view from above helps to navigate well in space. And mouse control became a hit with Tasty Planet. Now there are no annoying attempts to move your fingers to other arrows. It is enough just to move the cursor and your hero will run after this pointer.

Open world of overeating

At the beginning of the game, you just have a gray lump that runs around and eats everything. But then it gets bigger and bigger and grows to a huge scale that it even starts eating little people. The race is very interesting and addictive. If you want to kill your time, then this idea is for you! The music is very calm, which makes you relax. The application is suitable for children and adults.

You can play even on a weak computer. All he can do in the beginning is to eat objects that are smaller than him. But by devouring everything along the way, he grew up and was able to eat a huge table. Your results allow him to travel to different countries. And there he, too, will find entertainment to his liking. The world of unrealistic food experiments. A gastronomic frenzy that will drive gamers into hysterics with its speed and cool graphics. An unrealistic test for the ever-hungry gray cloud. How many meals can this little pie handle?