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Tasty Planet Lite

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An excellent implementation of the project about the all-consuming organism. There are already real legends around this game. It is so attractive and simple that everyone wants to appreciate the efforts of the developers. It is played not only to improve the skills of quickly reaching the goal, but also to get just wonderful emotions. So here is your character.

You already know exactly what to do with it. Help him get to his first treat and take his first growth spurt. Don’t stop right after that, keep moving forward to reach your goal. You will notice how gradually your main character turns into a huge block. And when it reaches an unprecedented size, it will be able to absorb much larger objects.

Tasty Planet will teach users to have a truly fun vacation. There is no need to develop heavy strategies. There are no battles ahead of you. There is only the desire to move the mouse and play for fun. Do not miss this fact that the main character is quite cute and cool. He is very fond of both adult users and children. Here everyone will find a plus to their liking.

Travel around the map eating huge cars and buildings. The larger the item you can swallow, the larger you can become. Not only is it funny and fun, but it never gets boring. Enjoy an interesting anti-stress that can satisfy the desire of any user. Here you have both reaction training and a good discharge for your brain.