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The application is a life simulator. In fact, it is one of a kind – one can say that there are no similar ones. The goal of the game is to go through the evolution from the stage of the primordial soup to space. To do this, you create your own creature, which evolves over time.

The evolution is divided into several stages. Each stage is like a new part, you need to re-learn, learn, get used to the new management. The first step is very fun and easy. Here you need to choose who you will be – a herbivore or a predator. But the level of difficulty affects the game. On a difficult level, the subsequent stages are really difficult to play.

The first step is to swim and collect food while running away from predators and larger creatures. Here the creature can be changed as you like. There are a lot of tools for this – you can change the shape and hang various upgrades on it, which are bought for DNA points when completing tasks. At this stage, you need to either conquer the tribes, or be friends with them.