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You appear on this planet as a very small kitten. To grow up, you first need to eat small things scattered throughout the playing field. Well, and only then, when you gain size, you can eat other players, buildings, and so on. Only they should be much smaller than you in size. Management here is quite simple, you just need to move the mouse arrow, and in which direction it will show, in this direction your cat will move.

In addition, arrow control is also present. Tasty Planet is gaining popularity due to its simple controls and great storyline. No matter how much you try to calm the ardor of this animal – it remains forever hungry. This sometimes makes it uncomfortable.

About the advantages of such an arcade

Firstly, the game is very simple, which attracts a huge audience. Secondly, the competitive process, of course, makes you improve your character. After all, everyone wants to be the biggest cat and is in first place among the eaters. Thirdly, the application helps to pass the time. The idea fully complies with the requirements and standards for “killing” time. You can play at your convenient time and place. A strategy to increase your animal also takes place. You will only have to watch the time of eating here. The faster you gobble up your tidbit – the larger dimensions you will be able to achieve.

The incredible popularity of the simulator

Lots of users around the world. And this is not surprising, because she is very exciting and active. It all starts with the fact that in this world with a view from above, all alone. New desires and tastes appear, and when you start playing, you have your own cute kitten. It needs to be moved to various treats and you will absorb them, becoming more. But over time, the baby’s appetites grow. And he can eat more things. In Tasty Planet, you can have fun at any age, because the rules are clear and easy to understand.

A user-friendly interface makes it attractive and stress-free. Cute music in the background makes your cat move towards the goal even faster. A viral walker that makes you feel touched by a fat cat. He keeps trying to eat more. And when he gets to the huge cars that he can absorb, it becomes even more interesting. Incredible simplicity and useful mindfulness skills make it popular among children. But also for adults who are tired of time-consuming strategic applications. Just enjoy exploring a huge new world where colorful elements merge into one.