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Nice music that adds a good atmosphere to the game. By turning on the sound, you can feel all the fear that fish experience when they are being hunted. The adventure has a simple interface, without unnecessary quirks, everything is simple and understandable, even for a child.

As soon as we turn on the beginning, she greets us with a nice interface and music, which, in turn, is very atmospheric and suitable. By pressing the button to start the hunt, you will be prompted to select a location where the action will take place.

You can save coins (the main currency), and then buy the most powerful predator, or you can evolve little by little. Each location is beautifully designed, in any of the locations you can find details, both natural waste and human waste. For example: tire, branch, log, stones, bottles.

All fish are predators, there are only a couple of species of peaceful fish. If you don’t like chasing and catching fish, you’re too lazy, or you just feel sorry for them, then you can look for human food in the pond, such as donuts, cookies, bread crusts, which are scattered throughout the location.