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A game that you can immerse yourself in after a difficult work or school day. Despite the uniformity of actions, namely the devouring of everything you can find, the application does not bother. And rather the opposite. You want to get bigger and destroy all kinds of bigger and bigger objects.

Sea depth, in which you do not need to turn on the brain and think “what to do here” or “how to get through it.” You are just enjoying a great time. This is a place where you can relax and watch what is happening on the screen. Discover the potential of a sea racer who can get to the most sneaky fish of this sea.

Very hungry sea dweller

You sort of start from the bottom eating only microorganisms, but after a while you already eat big fish and even other marine life. What is also very interesting in the game is that you see the size of your creature. And now, starting from less than a millimeter to reach a kilometer, this is an achievement. Beautiful landscapes and insanely cute and scary objects, fish and all this can be eaten. Tasty Planet is easy to manage. You just need to move around the level and look for small fish. Remember to watch out for the bigger ones as they might eat you.

A very unusual storyline. Sound effects fit perfectly into the overall picture. Of all the Tasty Planet stories, this one is really very educational. Different stages of time and the opportunity to eat the whole marine fauna. How can you not be interested? What about spending time together? It’s just super, you can playfully compete with a friend while getting a lot of positive. Moreover, the idea is interesting for both children and older generations. Therefore, no matter your age, if you are bored, then this prey chase will allow you to have a good time.

An elementary set of features that allow you to easily and naturally explore the seabed. The deeper and further you climb into the water depth, the more prey you will come across. And each time your fish will get bigger and bigger. Feed her so that she stops getting into your screen. And then you will have enough time to admire the beauty of the reefs or other delights of underwater life. Watch your speed, as prey can be quite nimble. Do not miss the chance to feast on the rare inhabitants of the sea and get a double portion of bonuses and fun.